Thank you to all of my supporters!

Karen Rose for School Board (August 18th, 2020 Primary Election) is honored to receive the following endorsements:

Sarasota County School Board Member Eric Robinson:

“I am proud to endorse Karen Rose in her bid for Sarasota County School Board.  Karen has served our children and families for 29 years with integrity and passion.  Ms. Rose is a highly skilled professional that will bring a wealth of experience to the School Board.”

Sarasota County School Board Member Bridget Ziegler   

Republican Party of Sarasota County

Florida State Senator Joe Gruters

        Hugh Culverhouse Jr., Florida Businessman 

Paul Caragiulo, Chairman of Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and Former Sarasota City and County Commissioner

Sarasota Classified Teachers Association

Sarasota County Commissioner Alan Maio 

Venice City Councilman Joe Neunder

Sarasota County School Police Department (IUPA Local 6046)

International Union Of Police Associations


Dr. Karin Schmidt, Principal Venice Middle School (retired 2018):


“It is with the highest degree of respect that I endorse and support Karen Rose for Sarasota County School Board. As the former principal of Venice Middle School, I can tell you first hand that this professional educator truly understands what it takes to lead in the Sarasota County School District. Karen knows what our children need to excel and grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually. And as such, she has worked tirelessly with her teachers, administrators, parents, and the community to create successful and respected middle schools.
As the former Executive Director of Middle Schools, Karen paved the way for all of her schools to attain academic excellence. She is a researcher, planner, and experienced leader who sees beyond the obvious and executes learning strategies in the most systemic manner. As her former middle school principals would attest, and I am one of them, Karen lead with both heart and mind. She believed in the strategies we were implementing. She knew what would work and we followed her lead. And in the end, our students and schools saw great gains.
As one of Sarasota’s own, Karen has devoted her entire professional life to education. Her love of children and education is the mighty force that keeps propelling her forward. Along with her proven background and documented records of excellence, it is my belief that Karen is well prepared to take the seat on the Sarasota County School Board. She stands for what is right and just. She is an ethical and honest person. What more could we possibly require of one who should sit in that seat?
For me, it has been the greatest honor to work alongside this highly qualified and respected leader. I am confident that Karen Rose will always have the hearts and minds of her students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community at the forefront of every decision she will make. Karen Rose will lead and not follow! Given the chance, she will make wondrous contributions to the Sarasota County School District.”

Dr. Karin Schmidt, Venice Middle School Principal (Retired)

Nicole Machenheimer, Sarasota County Teacher, STEM Model Teacher and Trainer:

“I had the privilege of teaching under the leadership of Karen Rose at Sarasota Middle School for 8 years.  Karen supported the teachers and always worked to be sure they were provided the materials they needed to ensure academic success.  Karen leads with transparency and focuses on the goal of developing plans and procedures that ensure the success of ALL students.  She fosters a sense of community among all.  She facilitates productive conversations among people with varying perspectives and considers all input when working to identify solutions and procedures that are the best for student success and safety.  Karen will focus on unifying the community for the shared goal of the safety and success of all students.  Karen Rose is the best candidate for the District 2 seat on the Sarasota County School Board.  She will bring amazing leadership and communication skills, as well as her years of school budget and safety experience to the position.”

Mary Tucker, Parent: 

“I am writing to express my support for Karen Rose in her efforts to be elected to the Sarasota County School Board.  As a proud parent of two children who are benefiting greatly from their educational experiences in the Sarasota County School system, I want to ensure that we have committed leadership in our School Board Members.  Karen Rose shows that commitment and dedication to our schools, students and community.  Both of my children were at Sarasota Middle School when Karen was principal and I had the pleasure of being president of the PTSO under Karen.  She was always looking out for the interests & safety of all the children, was an excellent leader of our school and always encouraged parents to be an active part of the school community.  She was a great communicator and a stabilizing influence to us as we embarked on our middle school journey.  I believe she is a true advocate for all students and is committed to ensuring that every child has the chance to maximize his or her potential.  Karen’s leadership, experience and dedication will serve her well as she serves on our School Board.”

Traci Douberly, Parent

“I am writing to endorse Karen Rose for the Sarasota School Board. As a parent of two children who attended elementary through high school, I had the opportunity to watch them thrive and grow while attending Sarasota Middle School during Karen Rose’s tenure as their principal. The dedication Mrs. Rose exhibited to her students, parents and staff was unwavering, while always putting the students’ needs first. She is a visionary who worked tirelessly to bring new technology and resources to the classrooms, enabling our students’ opportunities they may have never experienced.
I urge you to elect Karen Rose in August, 2020 to the School Board because every student, parent and staff member deserve someone who is a dedicated, hardworking advocate for Sarasota schools.”
Traci Douberly
Former Parent and Proud Supporter of Karen Rose

Paid by Karen Rose, NP, for Sarasota County School Board District 2


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