When elected to the School Board, I am committed to representing not only our community, but students and teachers.  I will work as a collaborator and bring unity. I have a record as a student-focused team member and I will continue to hold that as one of my top priorities. We need to ensure that the focus of the school board is always on our students, staff and community and on safety, security and education.

My platform is made up of the following important issues:

Get smarter about school safety and security.

  • Ensure all schools have only one point of entry.
  • Increase staff training to better understand emergency and evacuation plans.
  • Recognize and address emotional and behavioral problems earlier.
  • Seek input from community experts and current security partners about school safety and security.

Improve relationships and decision-making on the School Board.

  • Commit to keeping politics outside of the School Board agenda.
  • Know when to leave behind petty issues.
  • Provide consistent, reliable leadership with a greater focus on students.

Prepare all students for a career or college.

  • Expand pre-kindergarten programs to get students off to the strongest possible start.
  • Grow student-centered teaching and learning with communication, problem-solving, and technical skills across all grade levels.
  • Equip our high schools with more current student technology by better leveraging private resources.
  • Ensure all students are learning “at grade level” by better serving our struggling students.

Invest more in prevention and preparation so we can spend less on reaction and remediation.

  • Instill citizenship and ethical social media concepts earlier, to prevent bullying.
  • Leverage data to identify student needs earlier.
  • Work more closely with private and community agencies to better serve the emotional and behavioral needs of students.

Make better financial decisions.

  • Gather better data to guide spending decisions and discover best practices.
  • Empower teachers with more input into how classroom dollars are spent.
  • Ensure we retain top-notch teachers by providing salaries that keep up with the cost of living.

I am excited to continue my service as a leader who can affect change. If there’s a problem, let’s solve it.  When we put the focus back on students and teachers, we’ll create a much stronger community and more highly effective schools. Join my campaign and let’s make CHILDREN FIRST.

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