Take Back Our District

Karen Rose always places Children First! She will continue to prioritize our students, teachers, families and public schools.  With a history of transparency, Karen Rose will champion parent’s rights, eliminate deficit spending and represent the voice of the community.  As your professional educator, Rose will bring 30 years of educational expertise to the School Board.

Fund our Future

  • Act in good faith as a fiduciary of public funds
  • Make funding for our public schools a priority
  • Sufficiently allocate funds for mental health and low performing students
  • Raise teacher pay to the national average
  • Recruit and retain great teachers

Secure our Success

  • Optimize mental health services for K-12 students
  • Examine student discipline policies and the impact on safe schools
  • Provide citizenship programs at an early age to diminish bullying

Prepare EVERY Student to be College or Career Ready

  • Reduce assessments and gain more time for teaching and learning
  • Expand ways to support prekindergarten learning
  • Assure special education & low-income students are successful
  • Collaborate with families and parent groups to improve student success

Empower Teachers, Parents and Community

  • Give teachers the ability to impact training and resources
  • Replace the inadequate Teacher Merit Pay System
  • Support School Choice and hold Scholarship Programs to a high standard
  • Include parents in on every decision that impacts their student
  • Grow Civics Education
  • Respect and represent the Sarasota community

Paid by Karen Rose, NP, for Sarasota County School Board District 2

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